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Living room Smellkiller

Smellkiller for the Living room

The Smellkiller of Zielonka provide a perfect way to eliminate unpleasant odors... [more]
Gift boxes

Gift boxes made of cardboard

Here you will find great gift boxes to pack your giftsYou've found a great gift... [more]


Our portal is the living experience in products from our daily practice.

Here we offer you only the products whose use we personally have convinced us.

We sell nothing, we do not even use.

We have great fun in practice to test, after practical use, practicality, price and performance, after feeling and products with its added value.

Our thanks at this point to the developers and manufacturers who have produced these products for you, which we like to sell.

We hope that you have at least the same fun with handling these products, as we.

Nakina online team


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